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Kevin Sbraga – Top Chef Winner

My restaurants couldn’t exist in this day in age without VII Principles ensuring that we are properly handling food. They are committed to the same level of excellence that I am and it makes for a great partnership.


Mark A. Dombkoski – VP of Ops Cornerstone Restaurant Group

As a key component to our operations, whether reviewing the initial concept, design or daily operational maintenance VII Principles provides our operations with the necessary guidance and feedback to keep our guests and staff safe.


Peter Woolsey – Executive Chef & Owner

To keep a restaurant running at its best performance, it is essential that the facility is spotless and the food is handled correctly. We use VII Principles to continue to monitor and educate the staff so that we can keep our efforts and attention on what we know best, the food.

VII Principle’s mission is to provide the industry with an unquestioned level of competent, reliable food safety expertise. Protecting your brand, safeguarding the health and welfare of your guests, and assuring your continued financial viability is our goal. A proactive posture to food safety and security is the best method. With your participation, VII Principles can evaluate your operation using facility sanitation inspection techniques to identify vulnerabilities and train your staff to become food safety aware