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Inspections & Audits

Food quality and safety assurance is essential to the prosperity of a food establishment. Regardless of whether a business has an exceptional menu, inviting atmosphere, or friendly staff, a restaurant’s inability to maintain high standards of food safety can cause serious problems for business owners.

Penalties for failing to comply with food safety standards of the governing regulatory agency can result in:

  • Increase in customer complaints
  • Loss of production
  • Health Department shut down
  • Reduced market share
  • Negative reputation
  • Loss of profit

For these reasons, it is imperative to establish a food safety program that will protect your brand and guests. VII Principles can assist in creating a food safe environment by bringing control to safety and quality in restaurants. Partnering with VIIP to establish a Food Safety Improvement Program is a win-win for your bottom line and customers.

Food Safety Improvement Program Includes:

  • Facility Inspections
  • On-site food safety training
  • Detailed reports of violations
  • Online tracking of progress
  • ServSafe classes (additional fee)

Food Safety Improvement Program Assists with

  • Enhancing the discipline of food handlers
  • Increasing operational efficiency
  • Increasing sales
  • Minimizing food safety risks
  • Protecting your bottom line

Facility Inspections Q & A

  • How often are facility inspections usually done?
    Facility inspections can either be monthly or quarterly, depending on your needs.

  • Who does the inspections?
    Inspections are conducted by our Food Safety Specialists, whom are required to have a higher education in Food Science/Public Health and/or Registered Environmental Health Specialists (REHS) and prior food service experience. They are also required to be Certified Instructors for ServSafe and have a background in food safety training.

  • Are inspections unannounced?
    All inspections are unannounced. This is simply because we try to mimic a real life Health Department inspection as much as possible. This gives your staff practice and also allows us to see problems that may not occur if the inspection was scheduled.

  • Can I walk with the Food Safety Specialist while they are performing the inspections?
    Absolutely! We always encourage our clients to do this so they can see where the problems are and ask questions. Also, this allows us to do some on-site food safety training with the manager and/or staff member.

  • What if I don’t have time to walk with the Food Safety Specialist during an inspection?
    That’s ok too! We understand restaurants are busy places. Our Food Safety Specialists will perform the inspection alone and then find you to do a quick out brief of the report. This allows you to address any issues and/or ask questions.

  • How do the reports get to me and how do I track my progress?
    We provide a confidential login to our website so you can see your reports electronically. The report will be in a PDF file, so you can download, email or print it as you wish. All reports are completely confidential, so only you and VII Principles can see it. All your past reports will be saved here and it will automatically track your progress.