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Certified ServSafe Food Handler Training

The food safety training class is a general guideline to heighten the awareness of food safety and avoid possible risk factors within a food establishment. Attendees will learn the importance of their role within the food establishment. Our primary focus is to establish a relationship with your executive staff through heightened food safety awareness. The advantages of earning this certification will help you realize the importance of food safety practices.

Class Info
Our training class generally runs 2-3 hours to provide a general food safety instruction to English and/or Spanish speaking employees, using the Safe Useful Responsible Education (SURE) Food Safety Employee Manual. If you are interested in this class please fill out the form below & someone will contact you.


We provide instruction with hands-on exercises such as, proper hand-washing, thermometer calibration & extracting temperatures. We assess our participants with a brief questionnaire to test knowledge and ensure future success in a food safe environment

Materials Provided

We provide handouts to all participants highlighting the 5 risk factors to food safety.

• Food Safety Basic
• Preventing the Use of Contaminated Equipment and Utensils
• Practicing Proper Personal Hygiene
• Phase 1 Flow of Food: Purchase, Receive, Store, Prepare
• Phase II Flow of Food: Cook, Hold, Cool, Reheat, Serve

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