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Evaluate Your Plan Review

Whether you are constructing a new establishment or modifying an existing space, VII Principles can be your partner from concept to completion.

All health departments require the process of Plan Review or Plan Check and in most instances, health department approval of all construction plans (plumbing, electrical, equipment placement, spec sheets, etc.) must be acquired before ANY construction or modification can commence on your project.

Once you partner with us, we will provide a plan review checklist in order to retrieve all pertinent drawings and documents needed to submit your plan review to the health department. Once we receive this information from you, we review your plans and advise with regard to health department rules and regulations. As long as we are satisfied with your plans and supporting documents, we will then complete all necessary State, County and Local required forms and documents and submit to the local health authority having jurisdiction in your area.

Once submitted, and if included in your contract with us, we pay all associated fees, i.e. plan review fees, application fees, filing fees, inspection fees, etc. and provide periodic installation and construction review, as required. When construction is nearing completion, we will conduct a pre-regulatory facility inspection in preparation for the health department final facility audit and will consult during regulatory interviews, as required.

If all goes as planned and your establishment receives a “pass” during the final health department audit/inspection, we will retrieve final approved licenses from the local authority.

As owner/chef of a new restaurant, we know that your time is precious and that your concentration should be on making your guests happy with food and drink. You trust your construction, electrical and HVAC contractors to organize their portions of the build-out, why not leave the health department liaison portion to our trusted experts? Partner with us to be your 360˚ Food Safety Partner!