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sanitary inspection

Sanitary Regulations – Court/Tribunal

The regulations vary from state to state, but if your restaurant is habitually failing health department inspections, a visit to court or an appearance at a tribunal is inevitable. As your Food Safety Experts, we can support and/or represent you at the hearings and help with:

  • Providing compliance guidance in accordance with local regulatory guidelines
  • Liaising and follow-thru with local regulatory authority
  • Assisting with preparing the client facility for compliance inspection
  • Consulting during local regulatory authority interview
  • Providing expert testimonial relative to regulatory agency findings and compliance issues
  • Preparing facility for compliance inspection – post court appearance – follow-up inspection

Depending on the severity of critical violations, most Health Departments have the ability to order the “cease and desist” of restaurant operations. Don’t let your restaurant succumb to closure. Call us early to avoid embarrassing and possible closure situations.